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The MATH of Internet Adoption: Comparing Different Age-Groups

Niehaves, Björn; Plattfaut, Ralf
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10. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2011)
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Modern societies share two common trends: First, elderly people form a strongly growing group in the population (societal aging) and, second, the importance of information and communication technology is growing rapidly. However, the elderly are often excluded from benefiting from IT-enabled service delivery: An age-related digital divide exists. Current research lacks understanding what reasons prevent elderly to use the internet. Therefore, this paper examines the intention to use the internet in a private manner among the elderly. For higher explanatory power we also included two other age-groups (G1: 59). Here, we build a survey instrument based on the Model of Acceptance of Technology in Households (MATH) and test the